Let's start by saying that Gabriele D'Annunzio called it the "pearl of the Adriatic"

Silvi Marina, thanks to its crystalline sea and beautiful beach, is one of the most sought-after seaside resorts on the Abruzzo coast. Its name seems to derive, already from the Romanesque period, from the abundant vegetation and the presence of woods present in the area and from the association with the god Silvanus, the Roman divinity, protector of the woods and the countryside. Silvi was considered a strategic port city, but over time and the enemy invasions, the population began to abandon the coastal area and build in more protected areas, so now the city begins to develop in the surrounding hills. So now the city has a historic center of medieval origins, known as Silvi Alta, and a lower, recently built one, called Silvi Marina, reborn in the 19th century thanks to the many fishermen who decided to move closer to the coast, paving the way to tourism development.

In the surroundings of Silvi there are also other places of historical and naturalistic interest to visit, such as:

Pescara: Known as the birthplace of Gabriele D'Annunzio, Pescara is a lively and dynamic town that is absolutely worth discovering

Gran Sasso: the mountain group is less than 100 km from our structure, where you can spend a day on the highest peak of the Apennines.

Torre Cerrano: it is one of the ancient coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples, located between Silvi and Pineto and one of the few remaining intact examples of the dense network of coastal fortifications, which had the function of repelling the frequent attacks of the Turks and Saracens from the sea.

Città Sant'Angelo: in 2009 it was recognized as a city of art and among the most beautiful villages in Italy

Atri: it is perhaps one of the oldest cities in Abruzzo and this is demonstrated by the fact that its origins are the subject of discussions often surrounded by legendary auras. The town is rich in monuments and places of artistic, monumental and architectural interest, which can be visited all year round.